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Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness


EMS Safest Workout 2020

What is EMS?

EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. A revolutionary training method, where all muscle get stimulated by an electronic impulse from a state-of-the-art high tech device, developed and Made in Germany. You can recruit up to 98% of Your muscles and You get a high intensive full body workout in just 20 minutes, which is scientifically proven 18 times more effective than a conventional workout. It is used by successful athletes, sports teams and celebrities all over the World and Its labeled by the public media as the revolution in Fitness industry.
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Why EMS gives best result?

Relieve Back Pain

Long hours of seating and lack of movement cause back pain which is proven to be effectively reduced by EMS training through healthy stimulation of muscles.​

Weight Loss with Afterburn

The 20 minute training activates the powerful Afterburn mechanism when your body continues burning calories for the next 4-5 days after your session is over.

Improve Your Health

Numerous medical studies show how EMS contributes to overall health and well being through improved metabolism, blood circulation and even visible reduction.​


Customized training allows you to target specific areas to gain or lose weight or focus on overall slimming down & toning.

Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness

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Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness
Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness
Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness
Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness
Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness

FAQ about EMS trainings

Is there any side effects to worry about?

Not at all! We always follow the natural ways to train and work on your diet plan for effective results. Our methods have been helping out people for years without any long-term side-effects that are harmful. So, you never have to feel worried about any sort of negative effects of the training, because there is none.

Is there any age limits?

EMS is the safest workout on the world. It doesn’t make any pressure on joints or spine. However in our studio we advise to do training for age 16 and above. And there is no upper limit for EMS workout. The oldest our client is 72 years old.

Which equipment do you use?

In NRG Wave Fitness we use the latest generation of EMS device from Mihabodytec, made in Germany.

If EMS have a bad effect on my body?

During training, a special EMS-simulator gives your body impulses, thereby repeatedly amplifying their own effect from the movement of the human body.
Dream Body with NRG Wave Fitness

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Only 99 AED instead of 180 AED

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